Custom Assembly

With BM Packaging's 30 years of experience assembling products, we pride ourselves in finding the utmost efficient solutions when providing assembly services, no matter what the product. Our custom assembly services consist of preparing products for retail in any way you need, whether it be point-of-purchase display or custom hand assembly.

Our Point-Of-Purchase display service allows your products to be arranged on a pallet in a way that is ready to be placed on display in retail stores. Point-Of-Purchase displays are a great way to establish an advantage over competitors because your product will be highlighted and draw the most attention from consumers.

For our assembly services, we maintain multiple, fully-staffed assembly lines to assist a wide range of clients on a continuous basis. Our packaging services in this area include pre-loading special warehouse club displays with merchandise, palletizing and staging them for shipment, and assembling or packaging unique, multi-piece products.

Further, if you require assistance in designing and developing your displays, we work closely with third party suppliers to assist you with this process. We can also provide storage for your assembled items and manage distribution on an as-needed basis. Due to the unique nature of each packaging project, our assembly lines can be quickly re-configured to meet any project requirement.

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