Print Registration Bundle Wrapping

Print registration bundle wrapping is ideal for packaging variety packs, multipacks and rainbow packs of canned, jarred or bottled products. Our Arpac bundling machine uses cardboard trays and print-registered polyethylene film to create extremely appealing multi-packs as efficiently as possible. Our machine is capable of producing up to 40 packages per minute and offers a cost effective way to create exceptional shelf appeal for your products.

Extreme Series - ECO Tunnel - Beverage – Variety from Arpac on Vimeo.

Print-registered bundle wrapping allows you to package your product and provide information at the same time, making it a cost effective option. Your product will not only stand out with a vibrant coloured design of your choosing, but also present promotional messages with full graphics on the front, sides and back of each package. Bundle wrapping is extremely durable and offers the highest level of flexibility and strength.

BM Packaging will efficiently mix and match a variety of your products for a multi-pack on our assembly lines and ensure your product is striking and distinguishable.

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