Shrink Wrapping

If your business requires a Vancouver (B.C.) company to provide shrink wrapping services for your products, contact BM Packaging. Shrink wrapping is an effective packaging solution for any retail consumer products from food to electronics to books. At BM Packaging we can provide shrink wrapping services for any retail consumer products whether you are looking to package multiple products within one unit or single unit products. This form of packaging is ideal to tightly group, seal, band or configure items and works to provide an effective, sleek and aesthetic layer of protection for any product.

Shrink wrapping is a fast and affordable way to keep products clean and damage free, in addition to assuring your product, whether it be bags, boxes, jars, cans or cartons, is securely wrapped. The transparent plastic will shrink down to the shape of the item pristinely and crisply because we use only the best films manufactured in North America. Our films provide the strength and superior clarity to promote your products the way they were meant to be viewed. Shrink wrapping offers the perfect balance between flexibility and strength, and is well-suited for most items.

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