Sleeve Wrapping

Sleeve wrapping is essentially the bundling of products. While it has many similarities to shrink wrapping such as providing a protective layer over a product with a tight seal, the key aspect that sets sleeve wrapping apart is its sturdiness and durability.

Due to sleeve wrapping's robust nature, it is a form of packaging most suited to heavier products such as beverage variety packs, pizza boxes and canned goods. With it's thick polyethylene film, sleeve wrapping focuses on stability rather than appearance and offers a lower cost alternative to shrink wrapping. Sleeve wrapped and bundle wrapped products help to assure the products you offer to consumers are tamper-free, and they generally allow for easy carrying due to an opening on either side.

Again, at BM Packaging, we use only the best polyethylene films manufactured in North America to provide the strength necessary for your product to make its way to customers in great condition.

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